Reporting Problems

If you experience any kind of prejudice or discrimination because of your gender, sexual or romantic orientation you may wish to report it to someone. Reporting incidence to your department, university staff, or the police can help to address the issues you have experienced, stop them from happening again, and increase awareness for what is […]

Mental Health

University can be difficult. Moving out, meeting new people, relationships, workload, and many more things might cause you to feel stressed or worried. Being LGBT+ can mean you may be more likely to experience some specific mental health stressors. Coming out, or being out, can be difficult if the people around you are unsupportive or […]

Sexual Health

The first thing most of us think of when hearing ‘sexual health’ is probably protecting against sexually transmitted infections and diseases. This is an important factor in sexual health, but it’s important to remember sexual health also includes mutual consent, being respectful to those involved, and having a good time.   Sex is different for […]

Contact Details and Information

  Izzie Cheshire – Li-Yun Kuo –   Hi, we are Izzie and Li, your welfare team. We are here to support you if you have any issues or worries that concern your welfare as an LGBT+ or questioning student. This means you can come to either of us if you’re feeling like […]

Coming Out

Coming out to anyone anywhere, at any time can be a stressful, anxious event. Not only are you sharing intimate information about yourself – your sexuality or gender identity – but you are opening yourself to an entire spectrum of reactions that may or may not be easy to deal with. Much of this stress […]