Executive Officers


Sam Johnson- Audini (They/Them)


Eden Watkins (They/Them)

Vice President (Undergraduate) (Acting)

J Smith (They/Them/She)

Vice President (Postgraduate)

Tom Pymer (He/Him)

Steering Officer

Anne Josephine Strobel (She/Her)

Finance and Sponsorship Officer

Joe Dharampal-Hornby (He/Him)

Welfare Officer

Izzie Cheshire (She/Her)

Assistant Welfare Officer

Eden Watkins (They/Them/He/Him)

Social Secretary (Acting)

Elijah Hall (They/Them)

Campaigns Officer


Miller Power (He/Him or They/Them)

Assistant Campaigns Officer

I'm assistant campaigns, as well as your lgbt+ disability (+neurodiversity) rep. My main aims for my time as a member of the campaigns team is to work on distributing association accessibility information for everyone, and encouraging campaigns presenting orientations often left out of lgbt+ communities.

Mary Wohrle

Publicity and Media Officer

Position Vacant

Queen's Campus Officer