Asexual Identities

Asexuality – An orientation describing those who do not experience sexual attraction, but can experience other types of attraction. Demisexual – Those who only experience sexual attraction after forming an emotional connection. (Demiromantic – is a term which can be used to refer to those who have the potential to experience romantic attraction after they […]


Ally: Typically any non-LGBTQ+ person who supports and stands up for the rights of LGBTQ+ people. We invite you – no matter how you identify – to think deeply about how you can be an ally to LGBT peers. Allyship is about more than supporting equal rights for marginalized groups; it’s about advocating for those […]


Being an LGBTQ+ individual can be difficult – more so if you are also disabled or have a health condition. For this reason, we at the LGBTa feel that it’s important that you’re properly represented. We always make an effort to ensure that our safe-space socials are wheelchair accessible, or that there is a ramp […]


Why is campaigning so important? Campaigning is undoubtedly vital in making a huge impact in the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people. For example, what has recently been regarded as a breakthrough concerning the rights of LGBTQ+ people within the UK? From 2011, gay men are now allowed to give blood, provided they have abstained from sex […]

Scene Guide

While Durham itself has little experience in LGBT nightlife, just a hop skip and a jump away the city of Newcastle pulses with a vast wealth of variety catering to many different flavours of the LGBT pallet. After a mere 15 minute train journey (chance to have a calm natter before the action begins!) you […]

LGBT+a Socials

Whether you want to party all night long in Powerhouse or prefer to sit down and chat over coffee, the LGBT+a has socials for everyone. Our regular Monday Rainbow Night* socials, hosted by Cuth’s Bar are very well attended and a great way to meet other LGBTQ+ people. Non-alcoholic drinks available as well as cocktails (including the […]

Trans Identities

‘T’ is for…Trans A trans person is a person whose gender—or gender identity—differs from that they were assigned at birth, and by society at large. (Conversely, those whose gender matches what they were assigned are ‘cis’). This is a simple definition, but a broad one covering a wide range of individuals. The vocabulary relating to […]

Bisexual Identities

Bisexuality has traditionally been used to describe people who are attracted to men and women. However, this fails to consider many people who fall outside of these two binary genders and have a gender identity that is not male or female. The following terms can be used to discuss attraction to multiple genders without excluding […]