President – Ted Lavis Coward

I’m Ted and I am this year’s LGBT+a President. I’m a first year English Literature student from St. Aidan’s, having done my Foundation year at Durham beforehand. I am agender and use “they/them/their” pronouns. If you need a chat email or alternatively if you see me around feel free to say hey! I’m usually distinguished by the nose ring and rogue fashion choices!

My role as President is to organise, delegate and represent the exec team to ensure that university is an as welcoming environment for LGBT+ students as possible. One of my focusses for the year is to tighten links between college representatives and the association, and to work closer with the other minority associations here at Durham. Intersectionality is key and by working together we can implement substantial change. I’ll be attending every Assembly in the Union to ensure that motions are LGBT+ inclusive. It is absolutely vital that minorities are represented in all university wide meetings.

Since I was elected I have cemented links to other universities in the area (Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland, Middlesborough & Teesside) as part of a North Eastern caucus where LGBT+ leaders meet to collaborate and share resources to help our respective institutions improve and I’m excited to see this grow in the coming year. A current project we’re working on is a guide for students who identify under the trans umbrella, including non binary and genderqueer individuals.

The LGBT+a is here for you and I will endeavour to do my absolute best to make Durham a liberating experience and not just an educating one.

Hell, I only need 40% this year anyway.

TLC xo