International Students Representative – Trà My Hickin

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Hello, I am Trà My, your International Students rep. I was born in Vietnam, but grew up in Hong Kong, and am now a second year English Literature student at Cuth’s. As the LGBT+a rights situation in other countries can vary dramatically, International Students often face a different set of challenges when approaching LGBT+a issues that the UK LGBT+a community may be completely unaware of. My job is to bridge this gap, and to make sure International Students feel the association is representing us, and providing us with a safe and comfortable space to meet other LGBT+a people. I intend to achieve this through having socials open to anyone who is an international student, and to hold campaigns to raise awareness about LGBT+a rights abroad. If you are interested in attending a social, you can keep up to date with when and where these are through our Facebook page and weekly email. If you ever want to discuss concerns such as awareness and inclusivity for international students, or give me suggestion, I am always open to listening. I am here to make sure your voices are heard by the Association exec.