Assistant Welfare Officer – Joe Dharampal-Hornby

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Hello! I’m Joe, your Assistant Welfare Officer for this year. I’m a second year from Josephine Butler studying Politics. I’m here to assist the main Welfare Officer, Molly. If you have any concerns or problems we’re here to help. This includes providing welfare supplies, listening to any concerns in complete confidence, and information on other services – including sexual and mental health, the police and university support. You can contact me or Molly via the LGBT+ Association Durham welfare Facebook group, via email ( or at our drop-in sessions, or any other time you see us around. This year, some of our ideas include ensuring socials cater equally well for people who don’t drink alcohol, setting up an online forum where people can talk to Welfare Officers anonymously, as well as expanding the website’s online resources to include dating app information/advice. As I say, feel free to speak to me whenever about whatever, and let’s ensure the LGBT+ community is as safe and supportive as possible for everyone.