Allies Liaison – Meghan Hosch

My name is Meghan and I am your Allies Liaison. I am a second year English Literature Student at Hatfield College. In addition to being your Allies Liaison, I am also the Association’s Finance and Sponsorship Officer and in charge of LGBT+ concerns at Hatfield College.
I represent Allies in the Association. Ally is a name given to someone who does not identify with the LGBT+ spectrum but would still like to support the awareness and inclusivity of those who do identify as LGBT+. With my role, I plan to help unite College Association Allies with the University Association’s Allies to build a cohesive and accepting culture among the student and local population. I will hold many events throughout the year that will provide an accepting space for Allies or anyone questioning their sexuality to learn about how to support or join the LGBT+ community. These events will coincide with supporting LGBT+ charities, learning terminology, and encouraging general acceptance (while reducing stigma) of the LGBT+ community.