Coming Out Tips: J

Here are some tips and info from our lovely VP (Post-Grad), J! If you have a story or any tips you’d like to share, get in touch at campaigns@durhamlgbta.org.uk – we’ll be collecting things over the next few days if there is interest. Also, if you’re thinking of coming out today, feel free to check out our guide [link].

I think when some people come out they feel that its final and that they can’t redefine either their orientation or gender identity. Never feel a label becomes like an anchor as we are all in a process of self-discovery and you have every right to decide to redefine your identity if you feel it is better reflected through different label(s).

I would say my identity is fluid in being both bigender and aroflux, for some might see it as me trying to be different which is then just simplifying diversity to a simple box a or b choice which seems artificial and very narrow.

We live in a society that is discussing LGBT+ issues now more than ever it still feels this is from a binary perspective of people either being straight, gay or bi rather than recognising ace, aro, pan identities to name a few and that’s just in regards to orientation.

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