The one without a funny title.

Hey everyone! It’s a shiny new term and that can only mean one thing….I’m already too behind work to write a good blog. So here’s an average (but contemporarily self-aware) blog.

The big thing happening this term is LGBT history month. It’s February! Which is the next month from the month we’re in now! We’ll have many events on in this month, including the possibility of art based events (maybe Harriet can teach me to make a crane this time without sabotaging me). Though if there are any events in particular that people would like us to host, let us know!!

Also we’re going to be hosting a contest for people to design non-heteronormative valentine’s cards. So be thinking of ideas, because I simultaneously want a card that clarifies my bisexuality, and has a cow on it….and I don’t think I can get one from clington cards, so this contest is my best chance.

Finally, as many people are aware, our president has changed her hair colour. Jo is a fun person, and deserves a fun description of her hair, so I have created a list of acceptable descriptions of her hair colour.


• Like a flaming fairy
• A fire nymph sitting on someone’s head
• Like Ariel, but less obsessed with men
• The baby of a fire fox and a normal fox
• The baby of a fire fox and a normal fire
• The colour of angry men
• The colour of angry women
• The colour of angry anyone (let’s not gender angry colours)
• Like a pantaine commercial, if they were red.
• That colour I wished my rose wine would be, but it never is.
• The colour of immediate social justice
• The hair of a flaming fire battle warrior who has an affinity with fire
• A Pheonix rising from the turquoise ashes of turquois
• Like hades from Disneys Hercules, but red.
• Not blue, but red.
Anyone who uses one of these descriptions at the social tonight will get one hug from me.

Hope everyone’s having a splendid day. See you all later

P.S. I just found out today is “blue Monday”, come to the social and make it RAINBOW MONDAY!
P.P.S. It’s also world fetish day.

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