The one about Matt Collins and Hipzilla

HEY! Sorry there hasn’t been a blog for a long time, finalist life has made me both busy and frowny. I don’t have that long to write this, but hopefully it will be ok.

The first thing, and maybe even the most important thing (ever) is who is this Matt Collins? Well he is literally a life saver. He made all of the exec tea at the last exec meeting, and we really needed tea. So he is now my favourite person, and I want to be his best friend #Mattknowswhatmatters #loveMatt. I do sort of now expect tea every exec meeting, I have come used to a certain type of lifestyle that involves tea.

But why did we need tea? Because we have so many events that are being organised! The first event that is being organised is that of the Panel talk on Friday the 27th (the same day I hand in a 100% summative essay…wish me luck, and give me tea). This event will have a several different people on the panel who will represent a variety of different sexual and gender identities. At this event people can come and ask any question. We are aware that a lot of people want to further understand the LGBT+ community, but may not know how to ask, or may be worried about causing offence. This is why we created this event, so that people could ask any question in a safe environment. I hope to see many of you there! More information can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/1059115507455899/

In addition to this we have World Aids day on the 1st of December. The Monday before this (Monday the 30th) will be a red themed social and there will be a charity bucket. This means you’ll get to see me outside of my bright blue stash, spoiler, I’m going to look great. There might be more happening, but I can’t find the email. If you want more information ask Molly or Harriette.

We also met with the staff LGBT network, and then we became friends with them! and have some fun events planned with them. So look out for information about the events, and watch out for the blossoming friendship between us and the staff network #fun #friendship

We also have our weekly socials at Cuths and Osbournes. Remember that Cuths is not only the bar, its also the JCR with a film. I’ve never seen the film as I’m always on duty in the bar (which means me and Harriette literally never see each other. Its very sad). Though a highlight this weeks socialising and shenanigans was me trying to convince Will Emmery (the choreographer of DULOGS recent performance of the great “The Addams Family”) to teach me dances….apparently I dance with my hips too much. I am like hipzilla. If you attend these socials (and hopefully you do!), but don’t know many people attending, feel free to come and hang out with the exec. We’re really #fun!

I want to end this by thanking everyone who attended Transgender Day of Remembrance last weekend. It was an incredibly touching and moving event. For those who haven’t seen, the origami butterflies we made at the event are currently being displayed at the Durham Student Union, alongside a transgender flag.

I didn’t know where to put the pictures in, so there all going down here. #whoneedsstructure

Some of the Origami butterflies
That time we accidentally made a smug corner of glasses wearers….and I wasn’t invited to take part 🙁
Welfare Bae Molly with more butterflys
the transgender flag outside the union



Stay wonderful,



#fun #friendship

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