Party for the Parade!

Sometimes there are days when I absolutely love my role as Media and Publicity exec. Yesterday was one of those days. Yesterday was “Party for the Parade”, an event hosted by Loveshack who where working with Durham Pride. I attended (as a VIP, very Kardashian of me if I may say so) and just took pictures of the event.

I have taken inspiration from one of my friends who had to write a “picture essay”, so this blog will be mostly pictures. Yay!

First things first, there were a lot of people there. Like a lot a lot…


President Jo
Durham Revue president Abi, Ooook theatre company president Matt and red trouser president Steven were there
Aidan’s president  Alice was there and was literally the most excited ever

Also the Durham Diva’s have started working with Durham Pride and were present and fabulous. I was mostly excited because I was allowed to dance with them. It made me feel like the star athlete in a cliché American teen drama.

A wannabe Diva with the Durham Divas
Wannabe Diva Steven with the Durham Divas

There was also incredible entertainment. Tess Tickle and Emma Royed (who was brilliant as Tina Turner) were there (and fabulous as always).


Then Tess Tickle peformed
Tess Tickle
With Emma Royd
With Emma Royd
And the smallest person in the room was their biggest fan
And the smallest person in the room was their biggest fan




Tess also coined my new favourite phrase, “Queer Cheer” as in, “lets give one big queer cheer”. Now whenever I organise anything, I’m going to start by demanding Queer Cheers from everyone.


They were also joined with Kelly Llorenna!!!!


Also there was some fire

There was also some serious stuff though. Mel from Durham Pride took to the stage with his army of Durham Divas  in order to announce the date of this Summers Durham Pride. Which is……..

MONDAY! 30th MAY 2016!!!!!!

Also there was a lot of dancing and merriment.


It was a great night!

Hope everyone there enjoyed themselves!!

Stay brilliant


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