So Durham has broken up for summer holidays and your LGBTa exec are still working away to organise your events for this upcoming academic year! A huge congratulations to all the Durham finalists for their wonderful degrees and their graduations in the upcoming week. Make sure you don’t trip!

We can’t wait to meet all of you new freshers who are joining us in September. Stay tuned for information about the socials and events we’ll have for you, including the exciting Shipwrecked halloween boat party!

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  1. Would be great to know more about LGBT+ life at Durham, as my daughter is thinking now about which Uni to go for, and she would want somewhere she felt comfortable and where she could meet lots of other LGBT. As an alumni, and still with connections to Durham University, I would hope to be ‘proud’ of Durham in this respect, but read something about it being quite tough at times if you are LGBT… Thanks for any info you can give!

    1. Hi Caroline!
      Thanks for getting in touch. Durham University has won awards for being among the safest universities in the country, and very few of our service users have ever experienced any form of sexuality- or gender-based harassment. We have excellent links with the Durham Constabulary, who are very involved and very supportive (check out the photos of them joining in at Durham Pride!) and LGBTQ+ relations at Durham are further improving every day. If your daughter would like to have a chat about any of this, please let her know she can email us at lgbta@durham.ac.uk and we will personally answer her emails. Durham is a university we are all very proud to attend, and we have received testimonies from several of our service users saying how much more confident and comfortable they feel in their sexualities and genders since they have come to Durham!
      We hope to do anything we can to make sure your daughter is as excited and happy about the prospect of coming to Durham as possible – it really is such a supportive and inclusive place to be.
      Love, Jo
      LGBTa President 2015/16

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