Freshers’ social and first PG social!

Hi everyone! I’m pleased to report we had a very successful freshers’ coffee, with a great turnout and lots of friendly, interesting new people (and rainbow stickers). Now it’s time for our freshers’ social!

This will be Monday 6th October at The Library, the bar formerly known as Varsity, which is on the Bailey, near the academic Waterstone’s. It’s from 19:00 for anyone who hasn’t been before, whatever year you are, and from 20:00 for everyone else. However, if you’re new, don’t feel obliged to come at 7! You can come along whenever suits you. We’ll have exec stationed at three points around town at 6.45 if you’d like to walk over to the venue with people. Kieran (Vice-President) will be just outside the New Inn; Maria (Finance & Sponsorship Officer) will be at the DSU, outside the main entrance under the portico; and Joanna (Welfare Officer) will be in Market Square, by the horse statue. Thom (President) will be at The Library itself waiting for you all and trying not to eat the free food. This is always a great event with lots of old and new faces! Any problems, ring/text me on 07919678576.

Meanwhile, for all you postgraduates and mature students: the first PG social of the year will be on Wednesday (8th) from 20:00 in Castle MCR. This is to the right of the courtyard once you go through the main gate, down some steps and through two doors. Can’t find it? Ring Kieran on 07910956854. Remember you’ll need your campus card to get into Castle! (Something about ensuring drunken students don’t break the mediaeval castle.) N.B. postgrads are very, very welcome at the freshers’ social too!

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